A new way to travel.

Launching March 2018


TrABu is a travel app that allows commuters (Drivers) to connect with passengers (Riders). We see empty seats in cars as an asset and want to help cut travel costs by enabling drivers to sell their spare seats! Our unique platform allows you to choose each other based on price, location, pets and other preferences.

We’re transforming long-distance commuting, carpooling, and road trips!

How It Works

Drivers Post a Ride

You post a ride you are already driving (Boston to New York), set a price per seat, and your terms (for example non-smoking, pets allowed, no music, and talkative).

Riders Search

Riders can search all the rides going where they need to go and filter results based on their preferences (for example female only car).

Chat Securely

Riders and Drivers can securely message each other in the trABu App to discuss pick up, drop off locations and any other details.

Enjoy the Journey!

Make new friends, listen to good music or just get some work done, make every trip unique and memorable. 

Secure Background Checks

Set Your Own Price

Pet Friendly

Better Value Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anymore questions please contact us
What Is trABu?
trABu or “TRAvel BUddy” is a marketplace which connects Drivers with Riders.   Drivers can sell the seats in their car for regular, long-distance or any drive they plan to take. Riders can search for seats going from A-to-B, compare rides offered and filter ride preferences.
Is trABu Safe?
Yes! In order to best-protect our passengers, trABu requires all drivers to pass a National Background Check.
How Much Does It Cost?
Drivers set the price for the empty seats in their cars, this is dependent on their transport costs, scheduling, vehicle and level of service provided. We have no control over the price.
Can I Sign Up With Friends?
Of course! We all know travelling can be more fun when you have a designated friend to take all the touristy pics for you. You can filter search results and find drivers with enough seats for you and all your friends!
Where Can I Go?
trABu is currently available in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand internationally.
Is trABu like Lyft or Uber?
No, we are a marketplace which connects Drivers and Riders. Drivers can sell seats in their car on journeys they take, and Riders can buy seats. It’s more like carpooling than a taxi service.
“As a graduate student in Boston, the options for travel were limited to expensive public transportation and car rentals, which were not appealing. My search was fueled by the desire to travel and explore the world, while on a budget. The solution is trABu: an easy way to get from A to B with your new TRAvel BUddy!” - Mark M.


“Our mission here at trABu is to provide and create a unique travel experience for everyone who uses our App. We believe in world exploration and creating connections, while saving money and being eco-friendly.” - Nikhil P.


“The team recognized that thousands of people were making the same journey every day and had empty seats in their vehicles. Whether it is a trip to New York City or the beach, these unoccupied seats hold potential. We set out to provide a solution that would help travelers cut costs and promote eco-friendly means of travel.” - Spencer L.


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